Orioles could become big spender?

Started by Sea Dog 23, January 31, 2024, 06:41:02 AM

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Sea Dog 23

Could the Orioles become a Mets- Yankees big spender in the off-season?  I just read that the team was sold by Peter Angelos to a couple of billionaires.




Quote from: longgame on January 31, 2024, 07:13:43 AMHopefully Henry is enticed to sell.

I saw Henry and his flunkies on ESPN today and heard about his gratuitous donation of $3 billion to the PGA.  I almost lost it with my wife sitting near by.  How to we get this crud to sell the team to some super billionaire who wants to see the Red Sox once again become the team that Henry was once proud to own and built it into a four time World Series Champion.  Is it going to be another 86 years before they win another WS?  Because right now it appears that he doesn't give two turds how the team he owns does this coming season.  Very distressing RTed.