Brez' first try at FA

Started by Sea Dog 23, December 13, 2023, 08:00:16 AM

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Sea Dog 23

And it goes into the dumpster diving category.  FA BP pitcher Cooper Criswell, former Rays, with a high ERA showing for 2023 at 5+ and low K rate 17.9.  the only thing you can say about this guy, throws strikes, he was good in AAA.  High 80s FB, signed for $1mil. Not a good get for Breslow with other teams getting some good ones.


How much authority does Breslow really have?  Other than personnel changes in the pitch coaching staff, it seems like business as usual in Red Sox front office.  Are the front office holdovers actually running the show?  Looks as if they do.

Sea Dog 23

elk, I'll have to say Breslow is trying his best to become Bloom part II in the early stages of the off-season.  Lots of low budget, questionable performance type prospects that we don't even have competition to get.  But like you say, Breslow could be on a very short leash to accomplish much of anything for 2024.  I would be in shock, except this has been the same charade for the last five years.


Again as I have said repeatedly in the past I see John Henry's corrosive hands pulling the strings while sitting in his vault like office, telling his underlings that we will fake them out again, say we are offering big bucks to a few real free agents and then falling back on "we made them a good offer but we just couldn't make the sale."  I mean does anybody really think that anything is changing in the right direction or that Craig Breslow is nothing more than an empty suit brought to the team because many fans remember fondly how he pitched for us back in 2013.  You can bet your last dime that I will not be flying to Boston next season to watch another shit show of ineptitude and hopefully my friends here won't. Hit Prune Face in the pocket where it will do the most good and maybe in two or three years he will see the TV ratings crash, the team becoming even a bigger laughing stock than it already is and enough of the placid journalists finally awaken to get that bum to either put up or get the hell out of Dodge?  Criswell?,  you've got to be @#$%&?' kidding me.

Oh yes, we just signed Roberto Perez, a catcher, who can't hit and has been rolled around the majors like an unwanted parasite, to a minor league contract.  Way to go Breslow.  I have friends on this board who are waiting for me to say I blew it this time when they actually spend money and sign some real players not named Criswell and Perez.  That dumpster is getting crowded already.  Truth be told I wish I am proven wrong on what is transpiring with our team but Breslow is looking like a flunky stooge with each passing day.