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General Red Sox Discussions / Re: Trade Deadline 2024
Last post by MongoLikeSox - Today at 05:46:12 PM
I think you're spot on, Fred. It's been a strange season to digest. 
General Red Sox Discussions / Re: MLB Draft
Last post by MongoLikeSox - Today at 05:42:45 PM
I imagine one goal is to have a well oiled pitcher producing machine by the time we have our young field position players hitting big time arbitration years and beyond. I hope it works early in at least a few cases.

Houck and Crawford were 1st and 13th round picks in 2017. 7 years from college-aged draftees to great first halves in 2024. Yes, Houck should have been sooner. Don't get me started. Remember Crawford a couple years back throwing everything 94-95MPH and getting torched by the 4th inning when he first came up? Went down to Worcester to work in a nasty curve. Two years later and he's got what, 4 or 5 good to plus pitches? I hope Winkowski is right behind. Seems like he can't stay in a groove long enough to satisfy management. 

I'm not sure I can be any more bullish than I am on this group of position players we've got in AA and AAA. A lot of that is High Schoolers drafted in the first few rounds. A couple bad misses since 2020? One was depressing the day he was drafted. I digress. I do think the mix of college kids that came in behind them is looking great. Campbell's bat is a mile ahead of his glove from what I've seen, but it's very limited.

Fred, you hitting Dodgerland to see the 'Sox this weekend?

General Red Sox Discussions / Re: Trade Deadline 2024
Last post by SeaBeachFred - Today at 04:27:02 PM
Quote from: longgame on July 12, 2024, 08:02:47 PM
Quote from: SeaBeachFred on July 12, 2024, 04:46:51 PMThis KC series will go a long way to determining whether we are sellers or buyers at the end of the month.  We have been playing pretty good baseball but so we were to a point the past two seasons until August came and we cratered.  It looks better now than it did then but only playing consistently winning baseball this next series and the next will give me enough to go on that we either must or must not make the wrong decision to upgrade.

I was thinking that we couldn't put too much on this series, assuming they don't stink it up and get swept, but after the break its out west to LA and Colorado then home for NY and Seattle so they've got a touch stretch ahead (that's followed by a lot ofKC, Houston and Baltimore).

Ted, notice how so many teams, the so-called stalwarts and the questionmarks have been blowing hot and cold for the past couple of months.  The Dodgers and Yankees have been going tough some very tough times, but the Orioles have hit a tough patch and even the Braves looks like a team having trouble getting permanently untracked.  It is possible if we make a couple of good trades for our needs (pitching an RH hitting) we might actually make a go of this and get deep into the WC race.  I'm not prediction this as of yet but am hoping I might be on the right track with my thoughts.
General Red Sox Discussions / Re: MLB Draft
Last post by SeaBeachFred - Today at 04:21:02 PM
I see it that way myself Sea Dog.  Going after college players who are better trained and coached and have played against tougher competition should be put down as an advantage.   l also like the idea that they picked four pitchers with their first six picks; maybe one or two of them might hit paydirt for us.  My only fear is that Cora might fall in love with his current bunch of starters and leave people like Anthony, Teel, Yorke and Mayer swinging in the wind.  This Meidroth guy looks like he may have the ooots to become a stalwart as well.

The front office has to hit it right in who the get at the TD and which young group they decide to make as our next big time contending team, and the ones I mentioned I believe need to be in that august group.  Just my very biased opinion.  Hope all of you enjoy the ASB and that our team comes firing when the weekend hits.
General Red Sox Discussions / Re: MLB Draft
Last post by Sea Dog 23 - Today at 03:01:46 PM
Through six rounds the Sox have picked four pitchers and two outfielders.  All are college players.  The pitchers have good college stats, so like Houck and Criswell, they are closer to MLB readiness.  With Breslow and Bailey's advanced metrics, there should be some very good development in a few years ahead. 

With Bloom the drafts were mostly high school field players and college pitchers.
General Red Sox Discussions / Re: MLB Draft
Last post by Sea Dog 23 - Today at 01:33:13 PM
Sox pick in the 3rd round is Univ of Florida RH pitcher Brandon Neely

While most of his collegiate work has come out of the bullpen, many scouts think his best chance at the next level might be as a back-end starter. His bulldog mentality and toughness on the mound stand out more than any of his individual offerings, but he could have a complete starter's repertoire. While his fastball has been up to 96-97 mph, it's averaged around 93 mph but misses bats with it thanks to its ride, especially when it's up in the zone. His slider is his go-to secondary pitch, and the mid-80s breaker can be a tight out pitch with power. He has a curve he doesn't use, though some think it could be very effective and he mixes in a solid average upper-80s changeup.

Neely has never had pinpoint command, but tends to be around the plate. Some teams may decide to send him out as a starter and see if something clicks, though he's lacked the consistency to be seen as a sure-fire future rotation member. He doesn't necessarily have the kind of plus out pitch teams like to see coming out of the pen. He does tend to step up in bigger moments, something teams considering him on Day 2 of the Draft might be banking on regardless of what role he has.
Red Sox News / Re: Sox ready to promote Mayer...
Last post by MongoLikeSox - Today at 10:58:26 AM
Quote from: Sea Dog 23 on July 13, 2024, 02:27:36 PMMongo, another high riser is Kristian Campbell. Now the #5 prospect. A 2B/CF, and could be blocked.  Since he arrived at AA he has been hitting .400+.

 I think Campbell will be traded this month in a deal for a pitcher.  It's time to use some of the prospect capital we now have.
Nobody hits .407 for 6 weeks after a promotion. Not in this day and age. And with power, too. It's been a solid onslaught. Incredible. He's gonna have his head taken off. Have you seen any of his hitting footage? He does not shy away from diving into the ball.

I did see him in one game try to make a miraculous throw. Might be the worst throw I've ever seen from a 2B'man, and that includes Knoblauch.

I agree that there will at least be one move as a result of Campbell's existence. It might be Nick Yorke that moves, though. That would open up a spot in Worcester. I think Campbell has been playing some SS, too, but I think that's limited due to injury to Paulino and Mayer going to the Futures Game.

General Red Sox Discussions / Re: Trade Deadline 2024
Last post by MongoLikeSox - Today at 10:50:22 AM
I agree that Hamilton has improved at SS, not to mention 2B and offense. I think the team defense is far better with Hamilton at 2B than when Valdez plays. I think someone (AC/Devers?) got onto Rafaela about his flashy but lazy half-underhanded tosses to 1B a couple weeks ago. His mechanics have been far more solid this past week or so. Bubblegum excluded, of course.   

I agree with the small moves approach as a better option than go for it big moves. Even the small ones will hurt to some extent. It's going to be an interesting few weeks, even after the trade deadline as the fallout happens.

FWIW, Bryan Mata's rehab assignment officially ends today. We might see his debut for us in Dodger-land this weekend or we might see him traded. He's either got to be injured or on an active roster if I understand things correctly. That date is today, but I don't know if the decision needs to happen until Friday. He did pitch a scoreless inning in Worcester on Sunday.

General Red Sox Discussions / Re: MLB Draft
Last post by Sea Dog 23 - Today at 08:33:59 AM
From, the perspectus on the pitcher selection in Round 2,(with the developmental record of our pitching coach Bailey, I think they see some real talent they can transform in Tolle)

Standing at 6-foot-6 and 250 pounds, Tolle throws from a three-quarters arm slot that can create deception. The imposing lefty operates with a frequently employed 90-92 mph fastball that tops out at 96 mph, an 80-85 mph sweeping slider, and a mid-80s changeup and curveball that are rarely used. Both Baseball America and MLB Pipeline note that Tolle will need to improve his command and secondaries in order to stick as a starter moving forward.
General Red Sox Discussions / Re: Trade Deadline 2024
Last post by longgame - Today at 08:15:49 AM
Mongo I think the key here is just to make some small moves to get them to a postseason run.  Henry will be literally run out of town if they make no moves at all.  Clearly they have to address starting pitching. They can't keep holding this together they way they have been.  They've got 3 top starters, Bello and whoever isn't injured.  That won't work.  If Casas is coming back, they may not need to do much there, but it's a question mark.  Otherwise with Smith complementing Casas they're set.  Middle infield may be tempting, but I like Hamilton a lot at SS now.  2B still needs work.