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Predictions 2023 Season

Started by elktonnick, March 29, 2023, 02:32:13 PM

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It's really amazing how this guy can make one bad move after another.  We have all watched it and we are getting the results that anyone would expect from the moves he has made.  I'm just amazed that we can't even field a major league lineup in week 2 and guys of course are dropping like flies.  Just so discouraging.  We all knew they didn't look good on paper but I was trying to be as hopeful or optimistic as possible.  Then they took the field. 


Even Peter Abraham of Globe admits this a team of spare parts and aging veterans.


Tomase piece in today's NBC sports Boston is a validation of what everyone here has been posting over the past 6 months.

Sea Dog 23

There's a good interview with Michael Wacha today on  Wacha talks about what Boston lost losing Bogaerts.  And also what Sox lost not getting a deal done with Wacha, their best pitcher in 2022, and he did want to return to the Sox.  Watching the Mets-Padres game in NY this week, Bogey knocked in all the runs for SD in that game.  He put a stamp on that game that the Mets could not recover from.  Seems to me like Bloom tried his best to cut the head off the animal this year, for whatever reason that was important.

Wacha said Bogaerts had already become a leader for the Padres early in the season.

“He just goes about his business the right way,” the righty said. “If you watch from a distance, he’s doing everything the right way. He’s putting in his work. It shows in the field whenever he goes out there and plays. He’s one of the leaders of this team and we go to him if we need something.”


This was a house cleaning filled with lies, truth stretching and thinly veiled spins. And Kennedy's comments 3 months ago about the biggest mistake in "trying" to retain XB? (I'm paraphrasing) We should have not told the fans that was such a high priority as often as we did.

A house cleaning should not exist without including Kennedy.

The Wacha scenario was an absolute ghost of a story in the media. It wasn't even known by national media what his agent was pushing for, and then it took a creative contract offer from San Diego at the last minute to get it somewhat done. It was not a full guaranty like with the deal Eovaldi got. There's no way Wacha signs such a deal in November/December/January. Soooo, as much as I am loathe to defend the Bloom-led ding-dong patrol, I cannot fault them for losing Wacha. I can't fault Wacha for wanting multi-year commitment.

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On the pre-game show today (Sunday) they expect Story to begin swinging a bat in nine days.  There probably is still a long way before he can start throwing a baseball. They project him to play about two months of the season.


My Won-Loss-Tie record is an awful 1-6-3 from my predictions. The three ties are too early to be determined, but the losses look safely lost. 

I really hope my 78 win prediction stays in the loss column. We're on pace for 86 Wins. I'm not sure we'll get there, but I really hope we're not bad enough the next 2-1/2 months to go 28-40 that it would take to land on 78 wins. Just a couple of weeks before the trade deadline.  Implosion? Improvements? Nothing, or next to it?

How did you guys do on your predictions?