Dalbec Swing Adjustments

Started by MongoLikeSox, February 28, 2023, 07:08:13 AM

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An article on the MLB Red Sox site I copied and pasted below. He said he's focused on two things. Clearing his mind to be more in the moment rather than concentrating on the mechanics as if he was in the hitting cage. Secondly, and much bigger, he's trying to become a foul pole to foul pole hitter.

Anyone who's watched him the past two seasons can easily picture him selling out early for the pull-happy approach. This obviously made himself vulnerable. Staying back on the ball allows more time. It's been the numeral uno slump buster technique for many of our former recent stars, including Bogey, Pedroia, Vasquez and JDM.

This approach SHOULD also allow for less reliance on the typical sluggers' rhythm timing mechanisms that require consistent AB's. That said, the article mentions him picking the brain via "kind of read(ing)" Sudaharu Oh's book(s). Oh was quite famous for a leg kick that took him a great deal of time to figure out before he started seriously hitting homers.   

I hope it all works. The potential of a .250/25/80 as a 2/3 time player is massive. Then again, my first reaction to Bobby hitting Home Runs in March is just like everyone else's. That's what he does. Steinbrenner would have called him "Mr March".



Sadaharu Oh is quite a comparison!  But yes, he looked good the other day hitting a HR and a 2B to Right Center.  Nice swing and he drove the ball nicely.  It would make for an interesting season with he and Casas battling for the spot.  I'm just wary of big ST performances.  We've seen it before.

Pumpsie Green

I'll believe Dalbec can consistently hit the baseball when I see it in August. Personally I have given up on him.


I agree. I'll agree even more if he comes up with the team and does well in his part time duties. Like I said, March doesn't seem to matter for some guys and he's one of them.

IF he's showing the adjustments required, I'd prefer to see him break camp with the big club. If he's primo slugger and 38% K-rate guy, I'd prefer to see him go to Wuhstah.