Theo didn't get here soon enough

Started by longgame, February 07, 2024, 11:02:09 AM

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No talk about Theo here but I just saw a ridiculous posting from the Sox announcing they have two Red Sox shows ready for Netflix.  One is about the 2004 team.  Normally I'd be all over it, but there actually have been a couple of good documentaries on MLB this year on the same topic.  The other one is, now make sure you are sitting down, is a show behind the scenes of the 2024 Red Sox.  I believe the phrase is RUFK? 

I would think this is one of those areas where Theo could have jumped in and said "taking your eye off the ball a week before pitchers and catchers report is not a good idea".

FSG needs to separate/insulate Henry from the Red Sox.  The Red Sox need a true executive in charge, not a lackey like Kennedy or a woefully inexperienced Breslow.  Theo must be telling them this.  They need to talk about the Red Sox separately and distinctly from the other investments and they definitely need to be sensitive not to promote how they are spending money everywhere else but in their alleged flagship asset.

I continued to be amazed at how incompetent the Red Sox have become in every aspect of their operations.



I'l second what Elk said Ted.  I also read that incompetent Sam "the joke" Kennedy said Theo's job will have more to do with the FSG than the Red Sox.  If any of that is true how the hell can the team improve with Sammy, Werner, and the rest of those baboons running the team can elevate it into a decent contender for future success.  And, yes, DO SOMETHING TO KEEP HENRY FROM GETTING DDEPLY INVOLVED IN THE RUNNING OF THE TEAM.  The guy  has been AWOL for the past five seasons hording his money and getting involved in other venues  that  we Red Sox couldn't give two turds for.

Sea Dog 23

Not a good look for Sox this week. Shades of Bloom not pulling the trigger at the Trade Deadline a couple years ago. First Sam finds the need to disclose Pedroia's facetime, reminding MGT that there are MLB hosses still available to help the team.  Cora advises MGT to quit trying to model other teams, 'just do what you do best and others will copy it.'  Then Jansen and Raffy go to reporters asking what Boston is doing this year.  From Raffy,

Rafael Devers on wanting more from the front office:
"They need to make an adjustment to help us players be in a better position to win. Everybody in this organization wants to win. We, as players, want to win. I think they need to make adjustments to help us win."
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This is brutal, not to mention Big Papi saying the same thing a month ago.

Not sure if I said this here but at this point I have zero expectations other than hoping some of the young guys can show some promise.  Casas, Grissom, Duran (if he's still here), Rafaela, Abreu will be the ones to watch. Defense is going to be poor all around unless Story can cover enough range to limit weaknesses on both sides of him.

I hope this talk about a Casas extension doesn't become a distraction.  Let's let the guy show that the last half of last season wasn't an anomaly and see how the league adjusts now that they have a good book on him.  He only has a year in after all.

Anyhow, given all of this, I figure the default expectation for any given game will be a loss so any win will be cause for celebration. 

That's my positive spin for the day.  I'm sure it won't last past the first week of the season.