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Started by MongoLikeSox, September 10, 2023, 04:29:16 PM

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If anyone wonders why some Minor Leaguers come uo to Boston looking like they've not been developed, here a little insight found in a "why Rafaela isn't playing much" fluff article in the Athletic.

An excerpt.
"Game experience, even in small doses, has been valuable, Rafaela said, but most of what he’s learned the past two weeks has come in his pregame work. It’s in those early fielding sessions, in the hitters’ meetings, and in his interactions with veterans. Being on a big-league roster in September, he said, is quite a bit different than being in a big-league clubhouse in spring training. And it’s vastly different than being in the minor leagues."

A bit later....
"In the minor leagues, Hudson said, Rafaela probably got most of his outfield work simply shagging fly balls. In the majors, he’s joined a group of outfielders who do regular first-step drills and talk often about pre-pitch positioning. It can be eye-opening for young players to realize the best of the best focus heavily on the fundamentals of their craft, and Rafaela’s done that while also working and occasionally playing at second base, a position he’s rarely played in the minor leagues, especially lately."

OK: I've wondered what the teams with reputations for player development (eg Cardinals, maybe Baltimore and Atlanta?) do to prep their players to know and understand the fundamentals when they get called up as opposed to other teams (eg Red Sox and KC) that always suffer through Rookie seasons and learning the basics.

As expensive as players are to sign as free agents, wouldn't NOT having to sign an extra free agent position player once every few years actually pay for the coaches needed to increase player development practices? They might be ready when they get here as opposed to hoping a rare bird like Rafaela flies on up.   


This statement blew me away
QuoteIt can be eye-opening for young players to realize the best of the best focus heavily on the fundamentals of their craft

Why would this be eye-opening.  Little League coaches used to hammer this home.  Watch the guys, watch how they approach the ball, etc. Seems like this is another area where the Red Sox fail miserably.  Has Bloom ever actually played a sport?  I have to wonder.