This is Criminal!

Started by MongoLikeSox, June 08, 2023, 10:58:31 AM

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This is criminal mismanagement of the highest order I think I've seen. This is not an Izzy Alcantara great bat, bad attitude thing. This is pure politics at it's worst, all driven by a desperate head of baseball ops trying to make himself look like he does not suck. He does, and he has ZERO character (a statement I base on his actions alone). 

How about this for a stat line since May 2nd.

27g - 107 AB - 10 doubles, 2 triples, 7 HRs, 27 RBI's, 28% K-rate, .346BA, .402 OBP, .673 slugging and a 1.075 OPS. (Bonus, he started the year slow, hitting .283 BEFORE the stats I have listed above.)

Same player - defensive starts on the year. Mind you, he's a not horrible natural SS.
1B - 1
2B - 10
3B - 19
LF - 9
RF - 9
Errors on the season 48 starts on defense.  2 at 3rd, 1 in LF. I've seen him play on MiLB-TV. He's no Franchy/Valdez on defense, let me assure you. I saw him make a throwing error last year, IIRC, and had issues with two pop ups. One was twi-light.

WTH??????   This is criminal. One cannot possibly do more to deserve the nod. I repeat. This is criminal.

Instead we have Reyes getting dumpster dived, Valdez getting politic laden PT, Kike getting good buddied into an awful time at SS and Yu Chang is in rehab celebrations. FRANCHY did less over shorter periods of time to get called up, for goodness sake. 

Who is it? Go look at the AAA roster. Hint - he's hitting .323 on the year and turns 29 this month. The time is now. Stop promoting half players.

Edit: I forgot the best part. He's a left handed batter who actually hits 24 points HIGHER against LH pitching. There is not a valid excuse, Mr Bloom. Do not blame roster construction. Blame your own spineless attempt to keep your job. Show some character for once. You can even say you gave the man a batting tip.


Well, that opportunity blew on through. He's on the IL now with an Oblique strain. Such a shame.