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3:07PM Eastern

Red Sox

Brayan Bello (R)

1. Tommy Pham (R) LF
2. Rafael Devers (L) 3B
3. Xander Bogaerts (R) DH
4. Alex Verdugo (L) RF
5. Rob Refsnyder (R) CF
6. Triston Casas (L) 1B
7. Christian Arroyo (R) 2B
8. Enrique Hernandez (R) SS
9. Connor Wong (R) C

Blue Jays

Ross Stripling (R)

1. George Springer (R) CF
2. Bo Bichette (R) SS
3. Vladimir Guerrero (R) 1B
4. Alejandro Kirk (R) DH
5. Matt Chapman (R) 3B
6. Teoscar Hernandez (R) RF
7. Raimel Tapia (L) LF
8. Danny Jansen (R) C
9. Whit Merrifield (R) 2B

Gametime Temp: 61°F
Chance of Precip: 0%

Sea Dog 23

I can remember when Sox used to welcome trips up to Rogers Park with the Jays struggling.   The tables have turned with the Jays making playoffs the last four years.  Sox have been in the post-season just one of last four. I hope mgt takes this weekend a time for the suits to draw a line in the sand.


This team didn't play with any sort of heart the last half of the year and only occasionally before that.  Is it the manager, or the GM, or the front office, or the players?  I don't know but I can find fault at every single level of the organization.  The bad news is that I don't think anyone who doesn't work at whatever Yawkey Ave is called these days feels that Bloom is up to this job.  There are good reasons to question Cora's effectiveness although I'd love to know if some of this was "if that's who you signed, that's who I'm going to play".  But Cora has his other baggage too (and I'm probably the biggest Cora fan on this board and question whether he should continue).   

The other bad news is that Fort Myers was wiped out.  I imagine the Sox facilities are inundated and in pretty rough shape which is going to require time, attention and money. 

It's simple enough to look at the track record of the past 10 years.  Somewhat surprisingly they have a winning record - 815-698 over that period.  Average finish is 3 but what's funny is that it's 4 1sts, 5 5ths and 2 3rds.  So its pretty much feast or famine with an occasional dose of mediocrity.  They made the postseason 5 times, obviously not the 5 times they finished dead last.

But the pattern is what is interesting.  They caught lightning in a bottle in 2013 and finished first and won the WS.  Then they finished last the next two years.  Then, the much maligned Dave Dombrowski provided over the Mookie Betts era and the Sox finished in 1st place for three straight years under John Farrell for 2 and Cora for 1.  They win, they dismantle the team, plus their leader, Pedroia gets hurt and they fall apart all over again.  Since then it's been 3-5-3-5 in the division, luckily getting hot for about two weeks to get to the ALCS.  BTW, the Sox had that great outfield.  Dumped all of them, then picked up the worst one to come back after he had regressed even further.  Meanwhile, Beni is 5th in the AL in batting.

So to repeat - Dombrowski, the bad guy, built a team that won year over year.  So they replaced him with Bloom who apparently has no clue and seems to be John Henry's long lost love child or something and has turned this team into a bunch of losers with no heart. 


Despite what anyone thinks Dombrowski was fired because he did not play well with the others in the Red Sox front office.  Besides John Henry fires his head baseball honcho every 4 or 5 years just to prove he can.


Ted, I think you're right on key with what you said and also that you couldn't put your finger on why everything is in such turmoil.  I feel much the same way save for the fact that I give Henry a big middle finger for breaking up the team the way he did, how he penny pinched with this montrosity of a baseball ops director who failed to resign Schwarber, traded slugger Hunter Renfroe and brought back the worst hit ter in baseball in 2021 to stink up the lineup until finally he was jettisoned, hopefully once and for all though it wouldn't surprise me in the least we bring back Bradley supposedly for our fourth OF next year and somehow see him back in the starting lineup compliments of either Henry, his "Godfather",  Bloom who know shit about talent or Cora the filthy rotten cheater still with us whose palsied hands are all over the miserable team.  Hell, for a moment I was thinking the devastation of Fort Myers might have been the gods of fate punishing us for keeping that guy around to manage the team.  He too has clearly lost it.  Then, again, I am about as frustrated and angry as I can be and now watching Brayan Bello get rocked around by the Jays, six hits allowed in two innings.  The guy has no movement on his fastball that I noticed on the tube  the little they showed ofd the inept Red Sox inaction.  For the record, I do no see Bello being much of a help to us unless he can get his ball to move some, get ahead of the batters and stay ahead and be able to get in jams that he does.  Enough said because I know my friends on this board are as pissed off as I am.

Sea Dog 23

So far,  Sox are scoreless in 14 innings in this series.  The Jays are our daddies.  We did put up a fight in NY a couple of those games.


Gah, glad I missed this one. Jays have 21 hits??? How is that possible against supposed major league pitching? This is sad. Jays have 19 runs and counting in 2 games and the Sox have none. Back-to-back trouncing like this is a sign of a much needed change in management,


It’s interesting because a lot of people want Bello to be a lot better than he is.  Mazz couldn’t shut up about how great he was.  Speaking of which, that guy never shuts up and it’s even worse when O’Brien is out because wants to overwhelm the young guy. 

19-0 in two games is pathetic.  But how many time do we see the Sox beat a bad team and then completely crumble with a better team.  What a mess.


To make matters worse wild pitch after wild pitch.  None of our so called prospects are ready for the bigs IMO