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Nice to see some dingers for a change.

I get the Cincinnati broadcast, who by the way was great to listen to - a local announcer who had great chemistry with Barry Larkin with special guest Joey Votto who has been sitting in the booth as he recovers from injury.  Votto was talking about how it was a great ballpark to hit HRs in because it's so small, but it also takes away opportunities because the outfield wall is such a straight layout.  Point being, the warning track Sox of course could hit homers!  I didn't see Raffy's, but I know that Refsnyder's was gone anywhere.

Refsnyder has been vastly underrated and underappreciated by the Red Sox.  I think we may have something here and must not blow it.  I remember when he played for the Yankees and he had some pretty big days when given a chance.  As for McGuire, he has earned the right to fight for a starting job as catcher next year as he duels with Wong who still is of unknown quality.


McGuire has been hot since joining the Sox, but he's a backup guy who has a pretty mediocre record.  He seems to have a decent Caught Stealing rate and has shown very good situational hitting, but Sandy Leon was a stud at the plate for a short time too.  I'm not sure he's the every day guy and definitely not sure about Wong, especially after he got caught lobbing the ball back from his knees with a man on base (how the heck can someone do that at their stage in their career?)   Should be interesting to see what they do.  It's also hard to tell how well these guys do with the pitchers in a small sample and handling 25 different ones with all of the roster movement.  But yes, Refsnyder should be a great fourth OF or even compete with Verdugo for a starting position.  I'm assuming since we're stuck with Kike in CF, they have to go for a big bat in the OF though.  If they can figure out how to keep Bogey and Devers, then they have to worry about DH as far as offense goes.  It will be interesting to see where Hosmer fits in as Casas develops too. 

But there sure isn't much on the pitching side of the house I'd like to see return other than Wacha and Whitlock.  Maybe Houck.  If someone could solve Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Pivetta that could work.   I think we've all seen enough with the rest of that group.  Wouldn't it be interesting if the Sox could manage to get a full season out of a combination of Sale and Eovaldi where half of their pitching money goes?


An outfield of Verdugo Hernandez Refsynder and one not the outfield of a contending team.  Verdugo is an adequate slightly above average ballplayer who is unlikely to ever be selected as an All Star because of his shaky defense despite making the all star team in the old PCL.  Verdugo like Hernandez and Refsynder is attractive to someone like Bloom because of his versatility.  Bloom loves an outfield of Swiss Army Knives but not one good hunting knife in the bunch.