Started by Schloicka, September 25, 2020, 10:05:23 PM

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Red Sox

Tanner Houck (R)

1. Alex Verdugo (L) RF
2. Rafael Devers (L) 3B
3. Xander Bogaerts (R) SS
4. J.D. Martinez (R) DH
5. Christian Vazquez (R) C
6. Jackie Bradley Jr. (L) CF
7. Bobby Dalbec (R) 1B
8. Michael Chavis (R) LF
9. Christian Arroyo (R) 2B


Tucker Davidson (L)

1. Ronald Acuna Jr. (R) RF
2. Freddie Freeman (L) 1B
3. Marcell Ozuna (R) DH
4. Travis d'Arnaud (R) C
5. Ozzie Albies (S) 2B
6. Adam Duvall (R) LF
7. Dansby Swanson (R) SS
8. Adeiny Hechavarria (R) 3B
9. Ender Inciarte (L) CF

Gametime Temp: 75°F
Chance of Precip: 1%

Sea Dog 23

All systems clicking tonight.  Solid game by Tanner, bats come alive in the 2nd.  Thank you, Bobby Dalbec.


Houck and Dalbec, two good stories for this short, dismal season.

Funny but usually the opposite of this happens to me.  I had been hiking, listening to the game, top of the 2nd.  It's tied.  It didn't take long to unload and I turned on the game to see we were up 2-0 thanks to the Dalbec blast.  Went and took a shower, almost expecting to see the lead gone when I was done and we were then up 8-0!

Seems the ball is really flying in Truist Stadium.  Dalbecs was something like 450, Vazquez had his in the second deck in left, Osuna hit one even further the other day.  I don't remember that from the past couple of years.  We went there two years ago and really liked the ballpark and the whole setup around it.