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There must have been a smirk in the smile on Bloom's face.  The trade with Philly saw another blown save by Workman at Washington as Phils fought all night to take the lead.  Meanwhile Pivetta managed to get the win in Boston.  But IMO the jewel in that deal will be Seabold by the '22 season.

Agreed Sea Dog.  Seabold projects as a future No. 1 or 2 ace in some qu arters.  Right now we got the best of that deal with Philly.  Workman is better than Barnes but both have their choke moments.  Now we need to get ridof Barnes and fast.

It is quite interesting how poorly those guys have done in Philly.  I thought they could do better if they were better managed.  Workman is a surprise because he never looks great but has good numbers.  He always seems to walk a ton of guys. 

I looked up his numbers and was surprised to see he has appeared in 14 games for the Phillies, pitched 13 innings, walked 9, but has given up 23 hits!  4 HRs in there too.  His Whip is 2.462 vs. 1.800 in his first 7 games with Boston and 1.033 last year. 

Hembree is pitching to a 12 ERA giving up 7 homers in 9 IP!

BTW, not sure when baseball reference started having an ad cover the entire left side of the screen.  Not too bright!

Well those guys are Philly's problems now.  We probably got the better of tha trade.  Now to find a  way to get Barnes out of aboston net season.