Started by Schloicka, September 14, 2020, 07:18:17 PM

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Obviously Bloom still has to focus on rebuilding the pitching corps from starters to closers.  One can not reasonably expect Sale to be ready before July.  Besides pitchers Bloom will need a second baseman and possibly one more outfielder.  After the way JDM has been playing I do not see him opting out unless he is extremely foolish. 


It seems there is a little more life on the board today than the past few weeks.  Even our friend Murph has rejoined us.  I think what we need is to finish up this truncated season on at least a semi-solid not, perh aps winning a majority of the games left and seeing guys like Houck and maybe Mata show up as pitchers who we think might just be able to do the job for us.  Red Sox fans have gone through hell this season watching the plethora of stiffs go out there and get their asses reamed on the mound.  I think a reversal of that would at least let us go into winter quarters with some hope for next season.  I do believe we need a top notch starter and closer for next season as top priorities.  The guy from Cincy is the one I want.


For once they looked like a professional baseball team.  A small shred of hope for the future.

I've said it before, Verdugo has been fun to watch.  Dalbec hints at being a very exciting player.  Houck was a joy to watch last night and we can only hope he can do well (remember Clay Buchholz threw a no-hitter in his second start!).  Players like Devers will benefit from actual coaching being performed.  Hopefully that will be the answer for Beni and Chavis too.