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Anyone notice that Remy and Eck are both bashing the Red Sox irrational use of the shift.

Frankly I'm surprised Prune Face hasn't called them on it, that is, any negative stuff about his team.  Rumor had it s few years back that Don Orsillo's independent streak is what got him offed, much to my chagrin and that of many Red Sox fans who have had to put up with Dave O'Brien since.  Eck and Rem are showing an independent streak and good for them because there's a lot fo find fault with at the present time.  BTW guys, we signed this Chris MazzA.  ANYONE KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THIS PITCHER OR IS HE ANOTHER ONE OF THOSE FACELESS BUMS WE'VE BEEN SIGNING LEFT AND RIGHT?

He was with the Mets.  I'm surprised we haven't picked up Foltynewic or however you spell it.

I watched a Braves coach say that Foltynevic started losing his velocity late last year.  "It was now down to having stuff, and he didn't have it."  These pitchers are released for a reason.  IMO you aren't going to pick up jewell  as a mistake in a short season.  Bloom might be picking up guys in Sept for '21 depth.