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Civale gave up 2 runs on 5 hits last week vs Twins.  ERA 7.25. That was his first outing in a month.  He was bombed early in the season, 4 to 6 runs per game, 9 and 10 era,  but has settled down in last two starts.
1:40PM Eastern

Red Sox

Rich Hill (L)

1. Jarren Duran (L) CF
2. Rafael Devers (L) 3B
3. J.D. Martinez (R) DH
4. Xander Bogaerts (R) SS
5. Alex Verdugo (L) LF
6. Trevor Story (R) 2B
7. Franchy Cordero (L) 1B
8. Christian Vazquez (R) C
9. Jackie Bradley Jr. (L) RF


Aaron Civale (R)

1. Owen Miller (R) 1B
2. Amed Rosario (R) SS
3. Jose Ramirez (S) 3B
4. Franmil Reyes (R) DH
5. Oscar Gonzalez (R) RF
6. Andres Gimenez (L) 2B
7. Ernie Clement (R) LF
8. Luke Maile (R) C
9. Myles Straw (R) CF

Gametime Temp: 81F
Chance of Precip: 17%

I thought it was a bit funny that Cora yanked him. I could only think of two things. Rookie pitch and inning counts, and he had given up some hard hit outs just then and the inning before.

I would have loved to hear the little speech Cora gave Diekman and inning later. Last time we saw that was the last time we saw Darwinzon last year. Diekman responded better.

So Duran goes 4-5 with a clutch 9th inning RBI late in the game. Good for him. Houck got his pitches down in the zone better. Good for him, too. Still don't know how on Earth Arroyo could have been out by so long.

Good outing by Winchy, and in a couple of those innings he was throwing only sinker and slider.  I didnt see a third pitch if he has one, but good location tonight. After going 0-4 on Friday, Duran was 4-5, 1 rbi and 2 stolen bases.  One guy said shades of Ellsbury.  He still goes after long fly balls at weird angles.  Dont know if he can ever be a good CF even with that great speed.

The two bearded guys in the pen both did their job.  Usually one has a bad night.  Houck to the rescue.
The Sox have climbed into the #2 spot in the AL EAST.
They have had quite a good month of June!

Keep it going.
Sox manage to hang on for the win. Lucky. For the time being, they're alone in 2nd place.
Duran gets a clutch hit to drive in a run then Arroyo, the pinch runner, gets thrown out at home by a mile. Oy. Sox would be way ahead in this game if it weren't for base running blunders and wimpy hitting.
Of course Story K's. Unreal. If they lose this game, it's because of that pathetic display.
Ugh, two wimpy infield hits for force outs at home. WTF is with these bozos they can't get a simple blooper to the outfield?
Bases loaded, no outs. They better get some runs here.
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