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Red Sox News / Re: Minor League News?
« Last post by MongoLikeSox on August 17, 2022, 07:09:41 AM »
Well, Keller fell out of his tree last night giving up 4 runs on 4 hits, 4 walks in 5 innings. I did watched some of it on the small screen. They had a camera angle straight behind the pitcher to catcher. He's got what Youk would call a slurve, and it was one helluva slurve when on. In typical Red Sox fashion, it was big as a grapefruit when he left it up and got hit hard. He had the kind of innings Seabold had when you knew he was in trouble when he went 1-2 on a guy. He battled, though. A pair of two run innings and that was that. Never folded.

I also saw Ward pitch some last night for Portland. It was tough to tell what he had. There was nothing smooth about any of it. He threw his 75 pitches with a 66% strike rate. 4-1/3 IP, 6 hits, 6K's, 1 walk and 2 runs. I could not really get a read on what he was good at. I'm going to make it a point to watch more of his next start if I can.

The infield of the future is starting to hit in Greenville.

Cordero has not played in 2 games since striking out 9 times in 13 ABs ending with Saturday's game.
We'll take the win with the O's seeming to be on fire.  A small ball game with I think all singles, coupled with walks and errors.  If we can get Strohm and Houck healthy, we can have a steady September for a final run for the roses.
Looking at the Pirates last couple weeks, they went out to LA and swept the Dodgers iirc. I believe that was before they traded slugger Vogelbach to the Mets and a couple of pitchers to the Cards.

I think the bigger variable here is which Pivetta shows up.

Pivetta showed up tonight to give us our second outstanding start in a row.  Of course we had to have one bullpener try to screw things up for us in the eighth inning giving up three runs, but Barnes of all people pitched a great ninth to secure the win.  These are the games we have to win and we have to keep it up.  When we play our division rivals later in the week and early next week, this time we have to prevail, no excuses allowed.  A very good start tonight to grab a 5-0 lead.  We need to do more of that.
Barnes (!) with a clean 9th to close it out. Somewhat worrisome that the Sox couldn't buy a run after the 2nd inning. Good thing Pivetta was sharp tonight.
Anyone else nervous now? I understand the attempt....  2 outs
Dammit. I thought maybe Schreiber would get them out of that mess Davis created.
C'mon, Davis. Don't screw this up.
Gem from Pivetta. Need the BP to step up and close this out.
Pivetta through 7.
The good Pivetta is pitching. 75 pitches, no runs, one hit, 5 Ks, 3 bbs in 5 innings. What we needed.
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