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Some needs to brow beat the Red Sox bull pen that they can not walk the leadoff batter.  It just drives me nuts.
and the strategy is shot to ...t.
At least this time he brought Schreiber in with Vladdy as the 3rd out instead of vladdy leading off. There's no no guarantee that Spring, Bo "Johnny Damon is not my Real Father" Bichette and Vlady will get to hit again. I mean, with our guys it's likely, but it can work here more than it could last night.

And don't tell me you've not thought that about Bo Bichette looking like Damon thing. I can't be alone on that one.
Now we get to see the BP blow another 1-run lead.
I was thinking he was really slow trotting it. Maybe to thumb his nose at the Jays for that BS earlier.
I didn't think it was possible to make a home run trot as slow as what Verdugo just did. Nice jack, though. :)
Rob Ref gets a sac fly to score Franchy in the 3rd.  1-1. Jays batting.
I'd trade Duran to KC for Beni. But only if Beni is vaccinated.
Cora started that cluster**** by using his temporary closer in a shut down role to lead off an inning after we got the lead in the 7th. Bad move had both my wife and I shaking our heads.

I've been wondering about any nefarious manipulation of those above him into trying to guilt them into trading for arms or something. This little mess last night also might help any anti-houck sentiment, as if to soften us for a trade or guilt him into vaxing or something akin to such nonsense.

I mean, there's gotta be something other than being a Robles fanboy, right?
While we're talking about playoffs and available pitchers, I read today that Sale is still un-vaxed and would not be available for a Toronto series at their park.  It seems a lot of our players this year are free spirits.
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