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Franchy to Yankees

Started by longgame, March 29, 2023, 06:13:41 PM

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Not sure if he didn’t make the O’s or was traded.  He’s likely to have his homer happy games against the Sox.

Sea Dog 23

Well Cashman does give Bloom some cover.  After reading the article, I think he gets $180k if he plays in minors,  or $1 mil if he plays in New York.

Sea Dog 23

Looking like Jeffrey Springs is done for the Rays this year.  His elbow flexor problem seems to call for TJ surgery.  Off to a great start, he pitched a no-hitter in his innings against the Tigers.  And pitched a shutout in his second game.  He was pulled with the elbow pain against the Sox last week.

Sea Dog 23

On the Jays/Yanks broadcast Monday, Jays announcer Dan Schulman infers that Yanks may be good on stealing pitches.  Example Judge looking into the NY dugout, then glancing at the catcher just before the pitch (for location?)  Result of , whatever, Judge gets his second homer of the night.

Not necessarily cheating, but  they were obviously getting some good intel at Judge's at bats.

Sea Dog 23