Bosox Road Trip

Started by Sea Dog 23, May 12, 2024, 08:10:00 AM

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Sea Dog 23

Longgame and me (Sea Dog) have discussed taking in a WooSox game down in Charlotte, N.C. at Knights Stadium (White Sox affiliate).  It is a long home stand of six games.

We thought that Elktonnick and Mongo would be not too far away from Charlotte to get together for one of those games.  Anyone else have interest?  The dates are Tuesday May 28th through Sunday June 2nd, six games.  the weekday games are 6:35 PM and the weekend games are 1:05 PM. Let me know if any of those dates meet your schedule. 

It's been a sort of rough year, but would be good to meet up with you great baseball minds to help scuttle through this season !


It's easy for me, I'm in the Charlotte area.  But it would be fun to get together from a ballgame. 

Hope some of you want to join, I see this hasn't been responded to since I left on vacation.