Larry Lucchino dies at 78

Started by markj, April 02, 2024, 09:37:16 PM

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I was never a big fan of Larry Lucchino.  He always seemed to be trying to steal the limelight from others and meddled where he should not have in baseball operations.  Still I am saddened by his passing, more than I thought I'd be.  He did help immensely to get our team to the top and deserves accolades for that.  For a man battling cancer for  years, hearing he died of heart failure was kind of a shock.  RIP Larry.


I was watching the Orioles for a while and they were talking a lot about how he was instrumental in getting Camden Yards built as well as Petco in San Diego. He was also instrumental in making Fenway the home of the Sox for the foreseeable future when people were talking about a new ballpark in Southie or something.  Jim Palmer said he began as a lawyer who liked baseball more than the law.  He may have tried to steal the limelight, but he didn't shy away from the press in Boston and he was a big part of building the 21st century Sox.