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Re: Sox still looking around
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Sox are hosting Joulyse Chacin for a bull pen viewing today with AC and DD.  Released by Rockies, this year 3-10, 5.79.   He could get a minor league deal.

As bad as he has p itched this season we could use the guy tonight since we pretty much bled our whole bullpen last night and early this morning.......15 damn innings because our "closer" (and use the term loosely) couldn't hold a two run lead in the ninth.  Still despite the literal effusion of blood and the choke up by Workman I consider last night's win a very good one because it is these kind of games that usually are lost on the road.  I just hope Cora doesn't decide to open the game with Brian Johnson.  That guy really stinks to high heaven and always puts us in a minus mode because he simply cannot go through a lineup with out giving up a plethora of runs.  He is one guy w e need to get on that truck at the end of the season.