Author Topic: GAME #42, TUESDAY, MAY 14, 2019, ROCKIES @ BOSTON RED SOX  (Read 1191 times)

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Fred Cora won't admit his mistake as to Beni and Betts position in the batting order just like he can't admit he screwed up spring training.  One of the reasons for the loss last night is that everyone is trying to hit home runs on every at bat.

Elk---you're right on that my friend.  Did you notice that when Bradley got that gift walk in the eighth or ninth inning Eckersley was saying that it would be a good time for Jack to go because when he tries to steal he has been successful.  The pitcher was slow to the plate but Cora had Jack glued to first base and we never mounted anything that might have caused the o ther team to make a mistake that could turn the game to us-----and the fact is, Colorado is a mistake prone team, always has been.  No, instead w e were swinging from our asses and wound up losing a game we should have won.  We stole last year, we took the extra base last year, we were an open team with offensive opportunities from many quarters but I saw Cora with that stupid look on his face in the dugout and my reaction was...wHAT THE HELL ARE YOU WAITING FOR.

You would understand Elk since you're an old coach as I am-----and we do think that sometimes we come up with better ideas than those guys hauling down millions to run the team.  Hated to lose that game on Tuesday.